Hi, my name is Loshanda Cummings. I am a Jamaican, living in the United States of America. I have a knack for reading, writing, and whew CHATTING! I am a feminist, but that does not make me unrealistic. I believe in the beauty of womanhood and aim to uplift females in order for them to tap into their purpose and achieve greatness

From my mind, into the world….BLOG POSTS! https://shesaphoenixblog.wordpress.com/blog/

I am 21 years old. Born and raised in St.Catherine, Jamaica. I am the eldest child for my father and the only child for my mother. I consider myself a girl that can do both. I’ll kick off my high heels if I have to and sport a pair of kicks and jersey gear to cheer for Kingston College. Go Fortis! My greatest treasure is my voice, I let it out whenever, wherever and however. At an early age, I began public speaking in competitions, and was given best speaker for most of my appearances. I am the ultimate bibliophile. Reading and Writing shaped me into the person I am today. Words, phrases, books- they inspire me and are my safe haven. There was a point in my life that reading and writing were the only thing that got me through my rough patch. Give me the opportunity to inspire you with my words, and I promise a radical awakening.

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